Australian Artist / Dad / Designer – Big Fan of Colour – Born in Perth W.A. – Likes Eduardo Chillida – Simplicity – Questions without Answers – Cacio e Pepe – Tennis Enthusiast. 

Generally my practice is a straight forward discipline of making paintings in an abstract-figurative genre. My subject matter is varied but usually based in answering my own questions on spacial awarness and the surrounding landscape. While painting is my predominant art practice, I work in drawing, print making and design.

– Ben Goss, 2024

Goss’ paintings have been exhibited in New York, Singapore, Sydney & Melbourne. He is currently self-represented.

His Illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian & Tachen Books. Former career as a proffessional Illustrator spanned over 20 years working with great people and some big brands with big ambitions.

Ben Goss, Music has the Right to Children, 2007.
Oil, acrylic & shellac on linen, 61.5 x 61 .5.

MaunsellWickes at Barry Stern [across the road from the other galleries at this end of Glenmore Road] is hosted by very generous men who offer clearly distressed visitors glasses of mineral water and anecdotes about pasta dishes in Venice. It’s very refreshing. It’s the final days of Ben Goss’s show and it looks like just about everything has been sold. We like the fact Goss doesn’t seem too concerned with filling up the canvas with paint, and the loose gestural drawing-like quality of the paintings, but the surfaces are too bright and shiny for our tastes. Any doubts are dispelled when we discover that one painting is called ‘Music has the right to children.’ If you get the reference you quickly realise that Goss is a man of taste and wealth, alright.

– THE ART LIFE, November 30, 2007

Ben Goss
b. 1970 Perth, Western Australia

Lives and works Sydney & Alstonville NSW, Australia

Bachelor of Arts (Design), Curtin University, School of Art & Design

Solo Exhibitions 2016 | Double Take: Depot II, Sydney
2013 | Exteriors: Queen Street Gallery, Sydney
2007 |  Maunsell Wickes, Gallery Sydney 
2006 | Temporary Possession: Maunsell Wickes Gallery Sydney
2004 | Sounds Like: Maunsell Wickes Gallery Sydney
2000 |  Astro Gallery, Sydney
1994 | Blue Train, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions
2019 | New England Regional Art Museum 
2018 | New England Regional Art Museum
2017 | New England Regional Art Museum
2005 | Liquid, Light, Love: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
2005 | Flavours: Singapore
2004 | Metro 5 Art Award: Selected Finalist, Melbourne
2004 | Flavours, Singapore
2003 | Art for New Sudan: Charity Auction
2003 | Charity Auction Storm Design, Melbourne.
2003 | Flavours, Lidi, Sydney, April
2002 | Flavours, New York, November.
2002 | Twilight, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne.
2001 | Flavours, New York, October
2001 | Volvo Gallery, Garvan Institute, Sydney
2001 | Volvo Gallery, Humane Society, Sydney
1999 | Illustrators Association of Australia, Sydney

Qantas, The Guardian, Food Illustrated, London Financial Review, Duncan Baird Publishers, Loaded, The New York Times, L.A. Times, Bloomberg Financial, Red Herring, Ray Gun magazine, Yahoo, Chronicle Books, Herman Miller.

Awards + Commendations
2009 | Visuelt
2001 | Communication Arts
1999 | Lurzers Archive (Germany)
1998 | D&Ad
1995 | Design Down Under
1995 | Sydney Award

Personal Collections

2004 | Dr Michael Henry, North Carolina, USA
2003 | Qantas Australia
2003 | Holgate residence, Sydney
2003 | Lovett residence, Sydney
2002 | Kearnan residence, Sydney
2001 | Switzer residence, Sydney
2001 | Cusson residence, Nice, France
2000 | Cusson residence, Sydney
1999 | 3c Communication,
1996 | DDB Needham, Sydney

Media + Publications
Tashen Books. | Illustration Now! Wiedemann, Julius (ED) 2006
The Art Life. , 2006
State of the Arts. | Sounds like painting: McDonald, Alex; November 2004
The Sydney Morning Herald. | Fairfax Publications: Low, Lenny Anne; November 2004
The Sun Herald. | Fairfax Publications, In the Frame: Bienze, Tim; November 2004
Qantas Q. | In-Flight Video Interview with Deborah Hutton ;2004
Australian H&G.| Artist Profile by Hunt, Deborah; March 2003

Design CV2013-2023 | Design Director, Landini Associates, Sydney
2010-12 | Design Director, Yello Brands, Sydney
2009-10 | Designer, Rayon Design, Oslo
2008-9  | Designer, Dinamo Design, Oslo
2000-7 | Designer, Sydney Opera House, Sydney
1996-9 | Designer, Text Media, Sydney

Goss has worked with Sydney Opera House  / The New York Times / Qantas /  Grand Hotel Oslo / Loblaws / ALDI Australia & China / The Guardian / Art Gallery of NSW / David Carson / Shinsegae / Bunnings / Westpac / Taschen Books / Crumpler/ London Financial Review / Bloomberg / Ray Gun / The Australian & Chronicle Books
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